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BioBask Gardens:

In Soil We Trust

Agricultural business is becoming hyper commercialized and centralized. We are facing massive dangers in safety, quality, and availability of food because of this.  For decades, Agri-business has set the status quo and forced farmers to work inside a pyramid scheme.  BioBask is a grassroots alternative to the plans for a global technocratic farming system.

Were you aware that there exist numerous plans to transform the global food supply line over the next decade?

Historically speaking, this is nothing new.  However, a transformation of this scale and scope has never before been imagined or enacted.  Leveraging the COVID-19 Crisis, key players and organizations are sharing a new food system vision.  A food system that is equitable for them and endebting to farmers and humanity as a whole. 

Leverage my research for your own food sovereignty


A New Paradigm for A New Age

Take Back the Power

A globally profitable food system relies on dependence to the system.  Natural, organic agricultural practices are far superior, so propaganda is used as the primary tactic to get us to believe otherwise.  However, we’re smarter, faster, more ingenious, and more passionate about our freedom than they are about our slavery.

Be a Part of the Solution

The use of probiotics for composting, gardening, and healing land is a pathway anyone can take to have a hands-on impact.