Take Charge

of your


Team up with billions of beneficial bacteria to ensure healthy ecosystems

You want this planet to be as healthy as it can be.  Growing food and healing our environment is not a task assigned to a select few.  It’s everybody’s shared bounty and shared responsibility to facilitate the environments that provide for us.

When you introduce probiotics & understand their use, you’re ensuring healthy environments with billions of beneficial bacteria.

Old World Water

in place of

A New World Order

We were born into an age of copious pesticide use, unregulated antibiotics, war-munition based fertilizers, CAFO operations, and environmental rape.
Now you can make a different choice.  Choose to look past “scientific efficiency” and work directly with the natural processes that mother earth has facilitated long before we shared this planet.

The Microbial World Supporting Life 

There Are No Shortcuts to True Abundance

Every piece of an ecosystem must thrive for the whole system to thrive,  this is why we fortify the base layer of microorganisms to create a solid foundation for all life above to thrive.

In the Home

  • Are you throwing away food scraps?
  • Have empty patches of “dirt”?
  • Do you have a method to stay healthy in the case of power/water outages?
  • Ever wanted to start a small garden?
  • Does the landscape “smell” unhealthy?

In the Gardens

  • What do you plan to do with those huge piles of manuer?
  • Are you frustrated with soil fertility or dependance on chemicals?
  • Have any standing water you would like to clean up?
  • Are you able to entice worms and kickstart soil restoration?
  • Have a part of the property that just “smells” unhealthy?
  • How is the microbiotic living conditions for your livestock and the land they use?

Often, we do not realize how “stale” and unhealthy the microbiotics are that surround us. 

As we grow to learn what healthy cultures smell and behave like, we become empowered to fortify our environments.

Re-Introduce the microorganisms that revitalize healthy ecosystems

BioBask Bokashi is a consortium of beneficial bacteria with extensive use in organic agriculture and bio-remediation. With billions of microorganisms, you’re at the helm of a new world of possibilities.  


Rapidly restore soil fertility by introducing the probiotics that do the heavy lifting


Make use of all organic waste and turn it into a valuable soil input; even dairy, meat, eggs, bones, and manure


Alleviate foul odors


Have a system in place to maintain microbiotic health in any environment

Bask your biology in natural abundance

What’s possible?

Divert 100% of all food waste from landfills

Reclaim all organic matter, even waste items such as manure, meat, dairy, and eggs.
The unique fermentation process allows you to make usable products from conventional waste.

Watch your garden and landscape thrive with improved soil fertility.

Introducing BioAg improves soil fertility by making nutrients available in plant form. 
By building the base layer of the ecosystem, the biology above-ground can thrive

Compost without the smell

There is no smell in bokashi fermentation. This is because the Anaerobic bacteria works in sealed containers.

Thus, the fermentation process occurs without any smell.

Transform disturbed environments into thriving soils.

You can apply this to land, water, drains, septic, irrigation, and anywhere that smells “unhealthy”
Introducing BioAg builds health by balancing bacterial cultures.


Build Your Own Bokashi



Harness nature’s regenerative ability yourself.


  • 1L Ready-Use Probiotics
  • 12Lbs Quick Oats
  • DIY ferment bucket kit (convert your own bucket)

Equip yourself with everything you need to build your own bokashi, and ferment all food scrap


Learn how to culture 12lbs of Bokashi


Understand the vital importance of microbiotic health


Discover how to make food waste obsolete and reclaim value from waste products


Prepare yourself with the knowledge you need to maintain healthy cultures in any environment