There exist agendas aimed at radically transforming the world’s food system over the next decade,  these organizations envision a globally integrated healthcare-food-medicine monopoly that would render humanity dependant on the state for basic needs.

Governments, NGOs & Philanthropists are hijacking the system.

An astounding realization I came to in my research is that the vast amount of decisions being made as to the agricultural “status quo” are not facilitated by farmers at all.  Rather, interests such as the Global Bank, Rockefeller Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and many, many more are the true weavers of the propaganda they feed us while plotting a totalitarian takeover of the entire world’s food supply line.

Over the past century our means of producing foods have gone through many technological leaps.  Not all of these technologies were beneficial, and neither were the hands that wielded them. 

Do you want to wake up to the truth now or when the gulag runs out of grain?

The stakes are larger than many of us realized.  Thankfully, so too is our resourcefullness

There is no          one-size-fits-all solution

 The summarizing theme I keep returning to again and again is this:

Those who desire control are leveraging our basic needs against us to create a state of dependency whereby we are more vulnerable and exploitable.  In order for them to succeed, they have to have a totalitarian-like control on all of our food production and distribution. 

This, in turn, leaves their plan incredibly easy to circumvent entirely, simply by not playing their game.  That’s it

I repeat, the way to win their game is to not play.

Grow your own food.  

This is hands-down the most straightforward, down to earth, boots on the ground method of ensuring you, your family, and your community has food to eat.  Don’t give them the chance to throw you for a loop, be prepared in and of yourself.

Solutions such as the Earthbox and Bokashi bins take away any excuse of not being able to get started or working in previously uncultivatable environments.


I provide on this site an array of educational material to get started and progress to proficiency.


Who am I?

A number of years ago, I was presented a pathway into holistic agricultural systems.  A mentor taught me of EM-1 and the Mudball movement across the globe.  I volunteered on farms for nearly a year before setting off to start my own.  I work in symbiosis with these micro-organisms and seek to see through a holistic lens.  I am here to facilitate cooperative efforts to end slavery.  I’ve researched countless hours into the agri-business field and various geo-political themes through history.  This endeavor is my way of passing along what I’ve come to understand and present genuine attempts at solutions we can all implement to facilitate a healthier world.